OFCAF contributions are taxable income and an “AGR-1 Statement of Farm-Support Payments” will be provided to recipients. 

Yes! As long as you make sure you leave at least 6” over winter, you can graze the cover crop.

Up to 75% of eligible project expenses can be funded directly to farms and organizations through the OFCAF program, to the maximum funding level based on their gross farming income.  There are funding caps for some activities.  If the project is also funded through other government programs, the maximum of all government funding including OFCAF is 85% of the total eligible project costs.

Education and training for farmers and agrologists will be funded at 100% through OFCAF funds, and provided free of charge to participants.

If your planned rotational grazing procedures will result in reduced GHG emissions or an increase in sequestered carbon, then the project would be considered an enhancement of rotational grazing practices and would be eligible in principle. Keep in mind that costs for removing or replacing existing fencing are not eligible.

This is an ineligible expense under the Cover Crop BMP because cover crops may not be harvested for feed or sale. However, “increasing legumes in a rotation” is an eligible expense under the Nitrogen Management BMP, so we encourage you to apply under this BMP instead.

Fertilizer products with BOTH a urease and a nitrification inhibitor (i.e. SuperU or Agrotain Plus) are eligible, as well as polymer coated “Environmentally Smart Nitrogen” (ESN). Stabilized fertilizer and polymer coated urea must not be applied on the same acreage.  Read our factsheet on enhanced efficiency nitrogen fertilizers by clicking here to learn more about them and see which may work best for you.

Eligible pasture renovation projects include renovating/improving an established stand (no-till seeding, broadcast seeding/frost seeding) or a complete renovation (plowing the field and re-seeding it).

The goal of the OFCAF program is to increase adoption and implementation of practices that reduce GHG emissions and sequester carbon. You are not eligible for funding for areas where you are already practice cover cropping. However, if you plan to expand cover cropping to new areas, you may be eligible for OFCAF funding.

The goal of the OFCAF program is to increase adoption and implementation of practices that reduce GHG emissions and sequester carbon. You are not eligible for funding for areas where you are already practice rotational grazing. However, if you plan to expand rotational grazing to new areas, you may be eligible for OFCAF funding.

April 12, 2024.  Applications are reviewed in the order that complete applications are received.  Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

Complete applications are reviewed by a committee of professional agrologists who meet at fairly regular intervals.  The first applications that are complete will be the first applications to be reviewed. We make every effort to notify applicants by email within two-three days of a review committee meeting.  The full contract takes longer.  If you have received the review committee’s decision by email you may start your project if you wish while waiting for the contract.

In some cases, applicants have had ideas for projects that are not on the list of eligible activities provided by AAFC.  We have taken several of these cases to AAFC to see if these activities can become part of the program. When this is the case, it takes a much longer time to get approval.

If you have not used manure as a soil amendment in your operation, or on a specific acreage, and now you are planning to use manure (and therefore are able to reduce conventional fertilizer) then you are ‘transitioning to manure’.

If you have been using conventional solid or liquid manure spreaders then you may be eligible for ‘transitioning to better manure management’ costs. Activities that reduce volatilization from manure as it is being applied, such as injection or incorporation as soon as possible after application will be considered.

Step 1: Complete the pre-screening available on the Funding tab and submit it.

Step 2: Visit the Resources page at ofcaf.perennia.ca to educate yourself about the three Beneficial Management Practices that the program is promoting for greenhouse gas reduction and carbon sequestration.

Step 3: Carefully review the applicant guide on the Funding page of the website and the other FAQs on this page.  Consider which eligible activities would work best for your farm and meet the objectives of the program (reduce GHG emissions and sequester carbon).

Step 4: If necessary, consult with a professional agrologist, agronomist or certified crop advisor to validate your thoughts.

Step 5: Start creating your plan and working on your application (link will be sent to you after you have submitted your pre-screening).

Step 6: Submit completed application form (online or pdf) and email all applicable additional documents (see Appendix B in the Applicant Guide) to programs@perennia.ca.

Fill in all the blanks that are applicable (if you think some are not applicable, leave them and be sure to come back to review them again later).  Make sure you give the Review Committee enough information to answer the question “How do these activities meet the goals of the program?”  The committee should not have to guess about the intent of your project and how you think it fits with the guidelines. Review your application carefully before submitting: Is your contact information correct (no typos or in the case of handwritten – clearly legible)? Did you sign the application? Perhaps ask someone else to read the explanation parts to see if your wording is clear and makes sense to them.  Are the dates correct? Remember to send in the additional mandatory documents. (Incomplete applications will not be taken to the Review Committee. An application is not complete if the required additional documents are not submitted. Applications may be considered incomplete if information is missing.)  It’s okay to send along a non-mandatory document if you think it will help your application.